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ISBN Numbers & Barcodes

  • Required by major Booksellers
  • Easy NO Hassle ordering
  • We include the Barcode
  • Barcodes for existing ISBN's
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ISBN Barcodes

Ordering a ISBN number is easy!.

  • Your book doesn't have to have an ISBN, but if you're planning on selling it through major bookstores or online bookstores, you'll need one.

  • At Alta Graphics, we bundle the ISBN with a barcode to save you money. Canadian customers should get their ISBN through A single ISBN & barcode is $125, a block of 10 ISBNs & barcodes is $450.

  • Be sure to order your ISBN before we set up your cover artwork, and don't approve your cover artwork if your barcode isn't on it. The ISBN process only takes a couple of hours, so in most cases it shouldn't effect your deadline. But if it does, we can always print your books without a barcode, and print barcode stickers that you can put on the books after you get your ISBN.

  • Please Note: All purchases of ISBNs are FINAL. Once an ISBN has been purchased, it cannot be returned. There are no refunds available for ISBNs.

  • If you already have an ISBN number but need the barcode, we can create the barcode for you. We can also include the price for the book in the barcode if you'd like us to. Simply type the ISBN number in the "Comments" section when you place your order and we will add the $25 charge to your order