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Portable Booth

Portable Booths

  • Light weight & easy to ship
  • Fast & easy to setup and pack
  • Lowest cost display solution
  • Miami Area's Premier Showroom

Comparing Portable Booth Styles

  • Portable Fabric booths offer flexibility and are usually less expensive than other portable systems. There cost and ease of use have made these structures the most popular choice for portable trade show display systems.
  • Panels and frames are compact and light weight, making set up and shipping easy. Components fit in cases that can be easily transported in your vehicle, shipped by UPS, or checked as lugagge.
  • We have a wide range of configurations allowing you to re configure your booth for different requirements or booth sizes.
  • By using custom fabric panels, you can configure a booth that can be used in various size spaces. You can easily make a 20' backwall become two 10' units.
  • Each Panel is constructed using a light weight aluminum frame with a stretch fabric graphic providing an extremely light, compact system that can be set up in several minutes.
  • We are here to help. With over 20 years of experience in designing and fabricating professional booth solutions, we can help create a configuration to meet your budget and unique needs.
  • Table Top Displays offer a low cost way to promote your brand for smaller events. Their light weight and instant setup make Exhibiting a Snap!
  • We offer a wide range of systems including fabric, Pop-Up and folding frame. Fabric systems are light weight and easy to use. Folding Frame systems while not as compact offer an easy way to update graphics.
  • Complete your display by adding a printed table cover, easel back counter cards and branded promotional gifts. You may also want to add a literature rack or banner stand to your booth.

Pop Up Booths were the “Gold Standard” of the portable trade show systems. In recent years the costs for printing Full Mural Displays on either rigid roll able panels or on vivid dye sublimation fabrics have decreased, allowing anyone to use these systems as the foundation of a trade show booth. By adding modular counters, banner stands and literature racks it is possible to create a powerful branded visual impact using inexpensive components that can be reconfigured for changing future display needs. Pop up booths can be configured in many sizes and shapes and designed to be easy to ship and set up by a single person in minutes!

We strongly recommend using your Pop Up Booth for Corporate Image and Branding and not for product specific information. Your Pop Up Booth Graphic can be re used for several years and is the most expensive part of the system. It usually costs about 75% of the cost of the original booth to reprint the graphics. By using banner stands together with literature for product specifics, you can protect your investment while offering product specific collateral. Your logo and brand are the enduring image that needs you need people to remember even after current products are obsolete.

Pop Up Booth Styles – Mural panel versus Fabric Systems

Pop Up Booths have evolved from early systems that used carpet panels with graphic panels being attached with Velcro. Today there are two categories of graphics that are used in pop up booths each offering different strengths and weaknesses. Until recently, the most popular was the Rigid Mural Panel Pop Up which provided for a high quality print. Today, the most popular choice is Fabric Dye-Sublimation Pop Ups which are less expensive and extremely easy to set up! Here are some considerations when deciding between the styles.

Rigid Mural Panel Pop Up Booths

Until recently, the most popular portable trade show booth because it offered the best combination of professional look & feel, economy and ease of use. While still widely used, The rigid panel Pop Up has been replaced by lighter weight and lower cost fabric systems. While the Rigid panel pop up remains somewhat more durable than fabric, its higher cost and heavier weight have made these systems much less popular. If you need extreme durability where you use your booth many times each year these rigid panel systems should be considered. Be careful of low cost systems being offered online that use low cost PVC panels which can easily crack .

Fabric Dye-Sublimation Pop Up Booths

In recent years improvements in the quality of printed fabrics has allowed the fabrication of Pop Up Booths using a single piece of vivid fabric stretch panel. Today we offer a huge range of fabric structures to meet any display requirement. The light weight of the fabric and frame combined with the ease of setup and economy makes fabric trade show displays, the best solution for most exhibitors.

Pop Up Booth Configurations

Pop Up Booths are available in many sizes and shapes ranging from table top display systems to custom configurations for oversize booths meeting specific display requirements. The most popular configuration is the 10’ system designed to provide a complete package for a ten foot square trade show booth area. Here are the most popular sizes and shapes for Pop Up Booths.

Table Top Systems

Pop Up Table top displays offer a powerful impact for smaller events. Systems usually range from 15 to 30 pounds making them very light and easy to handle. They are about 5’ in width designed to fit on most standard tables and have an overall height of 7’ (including table) providing a large branding area in a small space. Available in both Rigid and Fabric panel Systems.

While a 10’ space is the industry standard, some applications require a narrower width for a smaller show or to allow flexibility in future uses. For this requirement Pop Ups can be configured in either 6 foot or 8 foot systems using either rigid or fabric graphics.

10 Foot Pop Up Booth Systems

Because this is the most popular size is offers the best value per square foot in a pop up booth. Available in both Rigid and Fabric panels the systems are priced to include the most features for the lowest price.

20 Foot Pop Up Booth Systems

Pop Up Booth Frames can be configured in an almost infinite number of configurations for larger booths. The most common are the “Gull Wing” or “Serpentine” configuration. Panels can be added to the back of the frame for a double sided system that can be positioned in the center of a 20’ x 20’ booth for a center wall to create separation of the space. Booths can easily be separated and used as two stand alone 10 foot systems allowing for flexibility in meeting the needs of larger and smaller shows.

Template of Gull Wing Template of Gull Wing Template of Serpentine Template of Serpentine

Custom Pop Up Booths

We can fabricate Pop Up Frames to meet any need. By using custom frames and flexible graphic panels (Rigid Mural Panel Graphics), we can form almost any curve or shape. Here are some ideas of how a series of Pop Up Towers can be used and reconfigured to meet changing requirements using the same system. Talk to our Trade Show specialist to see how a custom booth can be built to fit your unique display needs!

Display Reversed U Config

Display Reversed U Config

Display S Config

Display S Config

Display U Config

Display U Config

Pop Up Booth Accessories

The two most important Pop Up accessories are the lighting and case. Typically a Rigid Panel System includes both as a standard part of the Pop Up package while a Fabric Pop Up package offers both as optional add ons.

Pop Up Booth Cases

Shipping Case Carry Case
Shipping Case Carry Case

There are two types of cases commonly used with Pop Up Booths; a hard molded plastic shipping case or a soft carrying case not suitable for shipping, If you need to ship your system using UPS or as checked luggage, you need a true shipping case. If you travel to shows by car a soft sided carry case is suitable. The Hard Shipping Case that comes standard with our Rigid Mural Panel Pop Up Systems, can be converted to a customer service counter or podium with the addition of an optional case graphic wrap.

Pop Up Booth Lighting

Lighting – Halogen Lighting – Vegas
Lighting – Halogen Lighting – Vegas

Illuminating your booth is the best way to “Power Up” your brand! Industry standard lighting uses Halogen bulbs while “Vegas Style” LED lighting is becoming an affordable alternative. LED lighting is an option costing more than halogen and is required in some trade show venues (like Las Vegas) because it is cooler and less hazardous. Lighting is standard with Rigid Panel Pop Up Booths and optional with Fabric Dye-Sublimation Booths.

Other Pop Up Booth Accessories

While a Pop Up Booth provides an excellent Graphical Back Wall, the addition of other display hardware towards the front of your booth provides a layered look with more visual interest. Most commonly added options include a portable literature rack, Banner Stands and a portable display & customer service counter.

Booth without Accessories Booth with Accessories
Lighting – Halogen Lighting – Vegas