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The eco-friendly alternative made from sustainable sources.

1 year warranty
The eco-friendly alternative made from sustainable sources. The Bamboo Banner stand is made from 90% renewable resources. A low impact, forest friendly display that's a first of its kind. This wooden banner stand is sturdy, attractive and extremely portable. Easy to set up and transport, simply pull out the graphic panel from the base which is manufactured predominently from bamboo and fix on the 3 part pole. When you're ready to go home, the graphic panel retracts back into the base and can be safely stored in the stylish padded shoulder case. Bamboo Banner eco credentials: • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants around with a 3 to 4 year maturity cycle. • Bamboo helps balance oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. • Materials used in these displays are plantation grown and not part of local wildlife diet. • Bamboo Roller Banners help promote your own green agenda.
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Banner Stand Graphic Panel Overview
Poligraf Graphic Panel

PoliGraf is a budget quality panel printed on a 10 ounce smooth scrim vinyl banner material. Due to its light weight it tends to have "curled edges" and should be used for light ink coverage or short term uses.

Solgraf Graphic Panel

SolGraf: is a "good value-quality" panel printed using solvent inks on an ultra smooth vinyl banner material that has "anti curl and block out" characteristics. The panel is an excellent choice for everyday applications.

Fabgraf Graphic Panel

FabGraf is a "Premium quality" panel printed using dye sublimation printing on fabric panels. The panel is durable has very low "edge curl" with extremely vivid colors. The vivid colors and smooth look of fabric make a high end look.

Banner Stand File Preperation

Sending your Artwork

You can send us final files using the following specifications or for a $75.00 fee, let us create production artwork from your design concept, logos and photos.

Preparing your Files: Files must be supplied at 100% of the size shown in the technical specifications. Images should be set at 100 DPI. Files should be supplied in EPS or TIFF format with images converted to CMYK. Files sent in any other format will incurr additional charges for conversion.

Proofing: These files are sent directly to production and are NOT proofed by Alta Graphics. The purchaser of the graphics is responsible for proofing all design files with their respective graphic designer prior to submitting them.

Using our File Creation Service: Let us turn your design concept into a professional design! You need to supply us with all logos, images and text together with a rough layout. If you do not know what you want or require several design proposals, your needs are beyond the scope of this service. Contact customer service with any questions.

Storage and Shipping

Storage: While Banner Stands are very durable and will provide a long service live it is best to avoid temperature extremes and moisture.

Shipping: Banner Stands are very easy to transport by any carrier or airline. The stand comes with a "Carry Bag" which is not intended as a shipping case. Consider an optional molded case if you require a frequent and durable shipping solution.

Assembly Instructions

Banner Stand Assembly: Unpack Cassette and assemble pole. Open bottom foot for stability by rotating to open position. Insert pole into base. Standing up, tilt top of pole backwards until pole top is at eye level. Pull panel from base and attach to pole top. Return stand to vertical position adjusting bottom foot.

Banner Stand Dis-assembly: Tilt pole backwards until the top is at eye level. Remove top rail from pole and gently lower panel into cassette. Remove and dis-assemble pole and repack in case.

Banner Stand Technical Specifications

Visible size: 33.5” x 76.75”

Total Size: 33.5” x 83.25” Includes 6" non visible area inside retractable base.

Shipping Weight: 8 pounds. Note that some products ship on "dimensional weight" which is based on size not actual weight.

Product Weight: 4 pounds.

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