Digital Marketing

Digital marketing using websites, mobile apps, social media and email marketing are the cornerstone of many companies focus in reaching new customers in today's marketing environment. Knowing how to prioritize campaigns and marketing initiatives in each area can be a daunting task for even the largest companies. Let Alta Graphics break it down for you by evaluating your digital marketing strategy and proposing the focus that will result in the best results. Many companies have made investments in digital marketing and need to carefully identify what will build on the existing resources.

    Website Development

    Getting started with your first website or need to improve your existing site? Many companies start with a basic informational site using a template. Other companies require a full e commerce solution with shopping carts and additional functionality. Let Alta Graphics review your site or planned site and propose the best way to accomplish your goals and budgets.

    Website Marketing

    Every website needs work to drive traffic to the site and convert visitors to customers that are happy to provide great reviews. There are two approach's that are both valid and widely used; Paid Search (Pay per Click advertising PPC) and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Both SEO and PPC are essential to traffic but can be very complex to administer. Let Alta Graphics review your current web marketing and propose an SEO or PPC campaign to improve your websites page ranking.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is an important component of most companies outreach. Designing a campaign that is both engaging and sustainable can involve resources like content creation and design. Building a good email list requires analysis of your contact management to be sure you are capturing email addresses everyday. Let Alta Graphics review your email marketing plan and suggest ways to improve your ROI.

    Social Media

    Social media is increasingly important as a way to engage your fans. Regular updates on your Facebook, twitter or Instagram pages can become a big task. We can offer economical programs to update your social media presence so it is a current and relevant channel for your prospects and customers.

    Mobile Apps

    For some companies, developing a mobile app is a great way to differentiate your service offering. If you need to provide routine and repetitive information to clients, a mobile app could be the best way to both provide instant answers, engage with customers and stand above your competitors. If you have a use case for a mobile app, let Alta Graphics provide input on the functionality and pricing for development.
Digital Marketing