Banner Stands

Banner Stands

  • Economical
  • Instant setup
  • Many styles & sizes
  • Configurable stand & graphic

Comparing Banner Stands

  • Instant setup and the graphic being protected inside the cassette make Retractable banner stands the most popular choice!.
  • Choose the standard quality graphic panel "PolyGraf" or upgrade to our premium "OpalJet" graphics.
  • We offer stands in all shapes and sizes. Choose from wide or narrow footprint, small, wide or tall - the choice is yours.
  • Non retractable banner stands can be the lowest cost systems. Available in many sizes and configurations including X-Back, L-Banner as well as other custom configurations.
  • Can be placed closely together to create a continuous backwall by combining 2 or 3 stands.
  • No moving parts or springs to fail make this a 100% reliable solution.
  • Outdoor stands and signs feature wind management to help in prevent being blown down.
  • Materials are designed to be weather proof to prevent damage from continuous exposure to sun, rain and wind.
  • Many styles to choose from including flags, A-Frame Signs, and outdoor banner stands.

Banner stands offer the best display value available. They are more flexible, portable and cost effective than any other system. They are one of the building blocks of a trade show display system and can be used in many different ways. For a smaller event a banner stand can be used as the primary display graphic for branding your space. In a traditional 10’ trade show booth, banner stands can be joined together forming a “In-Line Back Wall” or in addition to other display systems towards the front of the booth angled to grab attention.

Between shows, banner stands can be used in show rooms or lobbies taking advantage of your display investment all year. Banner Stands are not only the least expensive and flexible display system, they are also the easiest to carry and set up. This makes portable banner stands the single best investment for many companies and is something every company should have as a component of your trade show display solution.

Banner Stand Styles

Banner Stands come in various configurations, sizes and styles. The main types include retractable banner stands and non retractable or “tension” banner stands. Another popular style features an internal aluminum frame covered by a printed fabric stretch graphiac that is printed on two sides. The base is flat making this a very sleek and attractive option. It comes in a variety of widths and heights and can be set up in less than one minute. Other considerations include wide profile bases that do not require a fold out foot for stability, oversize banner stands and a variety of graphic panel choices. There are also add on options to consider including lighting and custom shipping cases. It is important to select the right combination of banner stand hardware and graphic panels to ensure you are making the best investment possible. We will outline the main banner stand styles and choices to help you in the selection process.

Retractable Banner Stands

Due to the ease of use, retractable banner stands are the most popular display system. The banner stand features a spring mechanism to retract the graphic inside the base providing protection for the graphic as well as set up in seconds. There are several important considerations with retractable banner stands. The lower cost stands usually feature a narrower base cassette that requires a fold out foot for stability. Higher cost stands are frequently wider profile bases eliminating the need for the foot. This is considered a cleaner look for the base which may be particularly important if the banner stand will be used year round as a lobby display. It is less important in terms of the return on investment in your display as the thing that really gets seen is the graphic panel and not the base.

Other considerations with retractable banner stands include size, graphic panel material and optional lighting or shipping cases which we will discuss shortly.

Non Retractable “Tension” Banner Stands

Non retractable banner stands while not as popular as there retractable cousins, can do things that can’t be done with a retractable banner stand. Because there is no spring mechanism to potentially fail, they are considered “bullet proof” by heavy users. While spring failures are rare, some users prefer a 100% assurance that nothing can fail and a tension banner stand has nothing to fail. The disadvantage is that the graphic panel needs to be handled manually to set up or take down requiring care to prevent damage. While this set up can be accomplished in less than a minute, most people will be better served with a retractable banner stand.

Like retractable banner stands options exist for sizes, graphic panel choices and add on options like lighting.

Banner Stand Graphic Panel Materials

The most visible part of a banner stand is the graphic. Both material and the printing process effect the overall quality of your display. Things like curled panel edges, print resolution, color vibrancy and material visual impact all contribute to the finished look and cost. As you would expect most online offerings are based on the lowest cost materials that may perform poorly for your finished displays.

It is important to configure the panel material with the specific application to get the best fit for your budget. There is no reason to use an expensive panel for a simple stand with a logo and small amount of text like a "Seminar is Here" sign. You also should not try to use the lowest cost panels for a stand with complex graphics or heavy ink coverage as the quality will not be as good.

Alta Graphics has been a producer / fabricator of large format graphics for nearly 30 years. We match the stand hardware to the graphic panel to get the best solution for your budget and needs. Here is a list of materials we use for banner stand graphic panels:

  • PolyGraf: Is a budget quality panel printed on a 10 ounce smooth scrim vinyl banner material. Due to its light weight it tends to have "curled edges" and should be used for light ink coverage or short term uses.

  • SolGraf: Is a "good value-quality" panel printed using solvent inks on an ultra smooth vinyl banner material that has block out characteristics. The panel is an excellent choice for everyday applications.

  • OpalJet: Is an "ultra premium quality" Photo Mylar with light-block backing and a textured satin over laminate. This material is unequaled for vivid and accurate color. This is a premium panel intended for high-end long life applications.

  • SolFab: Is a "Premium quality" panel printed using dye sublimation printing on fabric panels. The panel is durable has very low "edge curl" with extremely vivid colors. Because it is a true fabric, the printing dots are not as perfect as OpalJet when viewed from a close distance. The vivid colors and smooth look of fabric provide a high end look.

Using Banner Stands in your Booth Layout

In a typical 10’ trade show booth, you would ideally have some type of graphic back wall as well as a banner stand in the front of the booth angled to catch attention based on traffic patterns. The Graphic Back Wall could be a Pop Up Booth or an Inline Banner Stand Wall typically configured using 3 interconnected non retractable banner stands that form a 9’ back wall.

In a smaller event like where frequently a table is used as your space, the banner stand can be used in front of the table or even on top of a table if you select an adjustable height pole allowing you to “shorten” the graphic panel so it goes from the table top up to about 7’.

In larger booth configurations, banner stands can be used together with other display systems to differentiate an area, or feature an important product or other specific communication need.