Plastic Discount Cards

Custom printed plastic discount cards. Production times available in less that two days.
Plastic Discount Cards

Plastic Discount Cards

  • 48 Hour Production!
  • Great Sales Promotion Tool
  • Available in Different Thicknesses
  • Can be Personalized in Full Color
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Plastic Discount Cards - 48 Hours!

Plastic Discount Cards have been proven to have a higher perceived value and are much more likely to be saved and used compared to a traditional paper coupon. By featuring full color images of your product together with your brand, your discount offer becomes a much stronger call to action! Alta Graphics can help you to develop a strategy and program to use plastic discount cards to increase your sales!

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Plastic Discount Cards

Plastic Discount Cards
Template Die Name Size Code
PDF Template Plastic Card Discount Card 3.375" x 2.125" CR80
  • Quantity
  • Select the Die Number from the size chart / template list on the left. By clicking on the icon for the selected die, our art template will open showing the borders and safety margins required for your artwork. If you need assistance with preparing your artwork correctly, our art department can provide assistance for an additional charge.

  • Select the material and thickness from the pull down menu. The most common material for plastic cards is 30 Mil Plastic which is a standard credit card thickness, The 20 Mil Plastic is thinner and used where a less rigid final product is desired. EconoBrite is our 120 Pound Card Stock coated with UV Liquid Lamination which is good for shorter term less durable applications.

  • We can imprint each card differently by merging fields from a supplied spreadsheet. This can be used for numbering, barcoding and personalization. Check the Variable Data Tab for additional information. If you sequentially number your job, you can select Random Pack or Sequential Pack. The least expensive is Random pack where the numbers are not in order but have no duplicates. The alternative is Sequential pack where we have to manually ensure that each card is in order which increases the cost.

  • You can select HiCO or LoCo Mag Stripe. HiCo is intended for most applications as it is more durable. LoCo is less expensive and intended for shorter term uses. Examples of HiCo are Credit Cards and LoCo a hotel key card that only needs to last for a few days and then be rewritten. The Signature panel is white stripe receptive to pen. All Stripe cards need to reserve the upper 13/16" for the strip meaning no information, text or logos should be in that area. A background color is OK in that area.

  • We can magnetically encode your cards if you ordered Mag Stripe. You need to define what information needs to be encoded to the cards. It can be a static or variable field that you supply in a data file.

  • Delivery time begins from the day after you approve your proof. Any job approved by 5:00 PM will go into the next days production. A 48 hour job approved on Monday night will ship on Wednesday.


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How To Get Started With Plastic Discount Cards

Here are the steps to getting started.

  1. Step 1

    Ordering Plastic Discount Cards is EASY! Start by downloading our template which has rounded corners like a credit card. If your card uses personalized information, learn how easy it is to prepare your data by reading the "Variable Data" Tab.

  2. Step 2

    Configure your card in our calculator selecting the quantity, one sided / two sided, square or rounded corners, final thickness, variable data and layout service options to determine the pricing for your order.

  3. Step 3

    Send us your file and order and sit back and wait for your new cards to arrive! That shouldn't take to long because we ship all orders within 2 business days of your final approval.

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Plastic Cards Articles & PRO Tips

Custom Dies

We can die cut your card into any shape. We have many dies available or we can make a new die based on your design. All our standard dies are available for our 48 hour shipping program. If we need to create a new custom die your order will take an additional 3 days. Check our Plastic Key Tag section for additional Information.

Variable Data

Because we digitally print our plastic cards, we are able to provide full color variable printing anywhere on the card. Most plastic card manufacturers, print their cards on an offset press and use a black and white inkjet process to imprint variable information in open white areas. This process is much more limited and the inkjet quality does not compare with full color digital printing. Unlike inkjet, we can use variable printing of text or images in any color in any area.

Variable Data Variable Data

To do a variable project, we need an excel (or delimited) file that has a row for each card and a column for each variable field. Here is an example of a typical layout and data file. If you are using variable photos, signatures, logos or other images, you need to make sure that each file is IDENTICAL in size both in height and width. If the image file is off by a single pixel, the design will be off. The images are inserted automatically not hand placed so errors in sizing will not be seen until the job is completed.

You should place the name of the image file in the Excel file and place the images together in a directory called "Images". In the example above, the image "p.rose.jpg" is the file name for the image file placed in the images directory and is listed in the row for Pamela Rose in Column "E". We are experts in variable data printing and can assist you on your project.

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